Dear Yogi,

Being your mother is the messiest, craziest, most tiring and best thing that ever happened.

Every time you eat there is food on the floor, muck on your head and god knows what floating in your cup but each time I will gladly wipe down the table, pick up the goop and let daddy wash the dishes.

Every afternoon you tip all of your blocks on the floor (all 200 of them) before proceeding to play with your basketball and car for the rest of the night without giving your blocks a second glance and each night I will happily put them back ready for you to tip out the next day.

Every night before bed you rip all of your books off the shelf and select a handful to read in our bed and each time I will read them to the end, or until you realise there are no ducks (‘quack’) left and move onto the next.

Every morning you wake up in the early hours crying to come into our bed and every time I will try to put you back in your crib and give up 30 seconds later with the thought of cuddling you for the next 4 hours winning me over each time. I quickly remember its more like cuddling your feet up my nose for the rest of the night but a cuddle from you beats a comfortable sleep any 6 days of the week.

Thank you for letting me celebrate today as a mother, your mother. I love you. Everything I know about loving you was from your Nana, she was the best mama to me and your four annoying aunties. Love you mama, hope to raise as many amazing children as you have 🙂 xx


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