Last week Lynette and I attended an event for a product launch in the CBD. On arrival we quickly realised it was a ‘Yes Man’ conference to become a sales reps so we quickly snuck out. The night wasn’t a complete disaster though as we managed to get some outfit snaps and exchange stories of our two very similar man children. Separated at birth? At least I know I’m not on my own with that one.

I’ve had this coat for about 3 years and its still a favourite. Don’t shy away from bold printed coats but make sure if you are buying one you buy something in a classic print like striped or checkered.

Pants – Sample (Similar here)

Coat – ASOS (Similar here)

Jumper – H&M (Similar here)

Shoes – Glassons (Similar here)

Shirt – Pauls (Sometimes he comes in handy)

Sorry everything I’m wearing is really old but it shows how important it is to buy things you can wear over and over through the years! X

Ps – Going armless in a coat is the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever done!!


Man Repellers





If you’re looking for a sure fire way to get the least amount of compliments from your man in a day, or in my case constant mockery, a pair of flares is what you need!

I’ve been wanting to try flared jeans for a while but I have few items higher on the ‘add to wardrobe list’ so when I found these for a $5.99 at Dotti in Dressmart I was pretty stoked.

I’m not 100% sold on the cut of these or the styling, I think they would go better with some pointed flats, but I do quite like the silhouette. I’m already eyeing up some cropped flares to go with sneakers and some black ones for the office to wear with a crisp white tee and a pinstripe blazer! Sorry Paul, looks like the flares are going to stay.

Ps enter code “ManRepellers” at the checkout for 30% off your order! X

Same Same





Have you noticed I basically wear the same items over and over in different ways? There are two reasons for this:

1. I take most of my photos for this during the week which means my outfit has to be work friendly. Aka wear black pants

2. This is actually the main reason, I aint rich! I do not have a lot of money to spend on clothes. I wish I did but its simply not the case. I pay for rent, day care, groceries, gas, bills, nappies, nappies, nappies and then save whats left for our end of year family vacay.

I have noticed it means my posts are becoming a bit repetitive so I will try and get some weekend outfits where I have a little more freedom to wear whatever aka track pants.

Jumper: Bonds | Similar here

Pants: The Warehouse

Shoes: Nike Flyknit Racer

Glasses: Ray-Ban

Watch: Nixon (Time Teller)

Necklace: A piece of ribbon





Always have your go to basics ready for days when you can’t be bothered getting dressed. For me I find its best to have a go to piece for each part of your body; pants, shoes, shirt, done.

On Friday I could barely drag myself out of bed (I was still recovering from my 1am rager on Saturday) and getting dressed was not high on my priority list. Unfortunately I had to assist with the UOA graduation ceremony so some effort was required.

So, I went with all of my go to staple pieces to achieve this comfortable look.

Jumper – Find here Calvin Klein

Pants – The Warehouse (so old)

Top – Cotton On (Similar)

Boots – The Warehouse

Ps: Notice how your staples don’t have to cost a lot? 90% of the time its about making cheap things look expensive. Of course a little CK always helps but trust me this is the most (and only) expensive item of clothing I own.







So I’m a little obsessed with these boots I picked up from The Warehouse on the weekend. There’s really nothing special about them except they only cost me $23 so of course I got them in both brown and black. They are actually perfect for this in between weather and I think I’ve worn them every day since I bought them, like, did I even own any shoes before these?

Since you’re visiting you may have noticed our shop isn’t live at the moment. We are making a few changes and are trying to get back into the wholesale market. If you have any favourite stores please comment below and I’ll be sure to contact them to see if they want to become a stockist. We will have the new styles for you once the wholesale buying has finished as we like to let our stores be first to the market with any new styles. Will keep you posted on who is stocking them so you can shop from there if you like anything.

Aaaanyway… These boots though.

Dress: Cotton On. Similar here

Boots: The Warehouse – Boo these aren’t on sale anymore but still a good deal

Glasses: Glassons | Ray-Ban

Watch: Daniel Wellington

PS – I’m really white, I KNOW!

Double D




As I mentioned in this post jeans make a frequent appearance in my work wardrobe. On Friday I went all out with the double d, double denim that is. The other type of double d has eluded me my whole life, even while breast feeding.

I am a massive fan of wearing the same shade head to toe. It’s too easy and always looks put together.

If you’re wondering why I’m looking a little happier in some of these photos its because one of my colleagues is walking past making fun of me. Thanks Mike, hope you throw up at benefit this week.

PS – ALWAYS buy shirts two sizes bigger then your normal size, always. Xx

Shirt – Glassons. Similar here

Jeans – Missguided. Grey version here

Shoes – Glassons. Similar here

Watch – Daniel Wellington 






So I got super organised for once and put together a semi matching weekend outfit with Yogi for an exciting segment Netty Nimo will be launching next month but of course he fell asleep just before photo time. We spent the morning at chipmunks for my nephews second birthday, mental note: take photos pre play time, and Yogi was exhausted afterwards.

I’m really loving neck bandanas but hate how people always have an opinion on it. Yes I’m wearing a bandana, no I’m not gangs and no I’m not trying to start a new thing, I just like them. Get over it New Zealand.

Jumper – Cotton On. Similar here

Jeans – Wild Pair. Similar here

Boots – The Warehouse

Scarf – Looksharp ($2 bargain)






Unfortunately Maia and Marley is not making enough any money so I’m not able to focus full time on this. That means I need to work full time 8-5, Monday to Friday to be able to contribute to our household and to invest more in Maia and Marley.

Going back to work was tough after having Yogi. He is the biggest mamas boy and was pretty much exclusively breast feeding when he started day care at 10 months. He cried everyday I left him for about 2 months but the crying got shorter and shorter and now when I drop him he happily waves goodbye to play with his friends. I can’t lie and say I feel guilty about being at work because I don’t. I really do love it. Yogi loves daycare and it’s good to be able to be an adult again after 10 months of baby talk. It just means I am more appreciative of the time we have together in the evenings and weekends.

I work in a relatively relaxed office environment where you can dress corporate or wear jeans and a t shirt. I normally aim for somewhere in the middle, but, jeans do make several appearances during the week. With the end of daylight savings I actually have time in the morning to sort myself out. I can do something with my hair and put a little more effort into my outfits so I hope to be able to do more outfit posts during the week.

These pants are a samples that we were supposed to be getting in for winter 16 but a delay in manufacturing times means they probably won’t be ready, I’m still trying, but these things take time. It even has a matching tee!! Fingers crossed. These shoes I picked up in Vegas a few years back at a outlet store, the style is available in most Nike retailers but good luck finding this colour way.

Not sure if you guys appreciate my life stories with my outfit posts, do let me know if not.


Shirt – Glassons (very old)

Pants – Sample | Similar here

Glasses – Glassons | Ray-Ban

Shoes – Nike Flyknit Racer 





On Saturday we made a very last minute decision to go to Auckland City Limits. Being so last minute I scrambled this outfit together from things in my wardrobe and topped it off with some cheap sunglasses from Glassons and one of Paul’s hats.

The festival itself was OK (I know, shoot me). To be honest I only went for Kendrick and I am 100% one of those people who only knows his radio songs, but, he is AH-mahzing live!

The highlight of the day though was finding the Moustache Milk and Cookie bus on site and going back home to my little sleeping baby, first weekend day away from him was a struggle!

Ps – sorry for the low quality photos! They were all taken via iPhone burst for Instagram purposes only. I realised in hindsight that I should’ve shot this so I found the only ones where I had some of my upper lip and none of my second chin. There were 75 to chose from by the way and only 4 made the cut!


Dress – Limpopo Lifestyle 

Shoes & Bag – Wild Pair (3+ years old)

Glasses – Glassons , Ray.Ban

Hat – Similar here

Outfit Post: 1






Having a blog attached to Maia and Marley has always been a dream of mine. A big part of this is going tobe outfit posts which is something I am terrified of. I’m not at all comfortable in front of the camera and feel like an obnoxious prick prancing around asking people to take photos of me but here goes, outfit post number one.

I’ve been waiting for a special occasion to wear the India Set and a friends wedding yesterday was the perfect excuse. It’s great for all of your summer events as its light, airy and deceptively flattering. Cropped two pieces often scare people but they actually show the flattest part of your torso and this skirt hides food babies perfectly.

I was out all day so decided to flag the heels and went with some cute strappy sandals instead, p.s they were only $10! To dress it up a bit I added some big earrings and tied the neck tie to create a choker, an idea I stole from one of our brand reps.

I want to use outfit posts not only to showcase Maia and Marley but to show you how you can incorporate our styles into your existing wardrobe. I won’t be dressed in head to toe Maia and Marley in every post and have some in mind where I won’t be wearing anything from the line at all. Everything I wear will be from my closet, creating looks that are real and that I actually wear. No one shops at just one place so I want these outfit posts to be a realistic reflection of someones wardrobe.


So, thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it.


Dress: Maia and Marley

Shoes: Rubi Shoes – black ones here

Bag: Similar here and here

Earrings: Colette – similar here and here

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators