Last week Lynette and I attended an event for a product launch in the CBD. On arrival we quickly realised it was a ‘Yes Man’ conference to become a sales reps so we quickly snuck out. The night wasn’t a complete disaster though as we managed to get some outfit snaps and exchange stories of our two very similar man children. Separated at birth? At least I know I’m not on my own with that one.

I’ve had this coat for about 3 years and its still a favourite. Don’t shy away from bold printed coats but make sure if you are buying one you buy something in a classic print like striped or checkered.

Pants – Sample (Similar here)

Coat – ASOS (Similar here)

Jumper – H&M (Similar here)

Shoes – Glassons (Similar here)

Shirt – Pauls (Sometimes he comes in handy)

Sorry everything I’m wearing is really old but it shows how important it is to buy things you can wear over and over through the years! X

Ps – Going armless in a coat is the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever done!!


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