On Saturday we made a very last minute decision to go to Auckland City Limits. Being so last minute I scrambled this outfit together from things in my wardrobe and topped it off with some cheap sunglasses from Glassons and one of Paul’s hats.

The festival itself was OK (I know, shoot me). To be honest I only went for Kendrick and I am 100% one of those people who only knows his radio songs, but, he is AH-mahzing live!

The highlight of the day though was finding the Moustache Milk and Cookie bus on site and going back home to my little sleeping baby, first weekend day away from him was a struggle!

Ps – sorry for the low quality photos! They were all taken via iPhone burst for Instagram purposes only. I realised in hindsight that I should’ve shot this so I found the only ones where I had some of my upper lip and none of my second chin. There were 75 to chose from by the way and only 4 made the cut!


Dress – Limpopo Lifestyle 

Shoes & Bag – Wild Pair (3+ years old)

Glasses – Glassons , Ray.Ban

Hat – Similar here


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